Impression Collection

Architectural Style

A wood-grain fiberglass skin concealing durable steel construction. Available with an oak, cherry, or mahogany wood-grain pattern in a variety of colored stains. Many options for window style and placement ensure you're getting the garage door of your dreams.


Door Design Options

impression-garage-door-design-981-7ft.jpg        impression-garage-door-design-981-8ft.jpg        impression-garage-door-design-982-7ft.jpg        impression-garage-door-design-982-8ft.jpg

Model 981 - 7'                 Model 981 - 8'                  Model 982 - 7'                 Model 982 - 8'

impression-garage-door-design-983-7ft.jpg           impression-garage-door-design-983-8ft.jpg           impression-garage-door-design-984-7ft.jpg          impression-garage-door-design-984-8ft.jpg 

Model 983 - 7'                  Modela 983 - 8'               Model 984 - 7'                 Model 984 - 8'


Model 984 - 16' x 7'

*Doors up to 7ft tall have 3 sections. Doors over 7ft and up to 8ft have 4 sections. Request a drawing from your distributor if your door is over 9ft wide as the wider doors have a vertical seam in order to support the door material. All sections have a finished white interior.

The foamed in place polyurethane insulation provides a 7.6 R-Value as well as quiet operation and sound absorption. 

981 - Vertical raised panel with oak wood grain

982 - Horizontal raised panel with oak wood grain

983 - Vertical slat design with cherry wood grain

984 - Horizontal V-groove with mahogany wood grain 

Color Options

impression-white-stain.jpg  impression-clay-stain.jpg  impression-gray-stain.jpg  impression-oak-stain.jpg  impression-red-oak-stain.jpg

White Stain               Clay Stain                 Gray Stain                Oak Stain                  Red Oak Stain

impression-cherry-stain.jpg  impression-walnut-stain.jpg  impression-mahogany-stain.jpg  impression-honduran-mahogany-stain.jpg  impression-green-stain.jpg

Cherry Stain            Walnut Stain            Mahogany Stain       Honduran Stain      Green Stain

Window & Hardware Options

Square Top for Vertical Slat Panel

imp-vss-plain-square-window (1).jpg      imp-vss-6-square-window.jpg      imp-vss-8-square-window.jpg

Plain Window                                  6 Window                                        8 Window

imp-vss-12-square-window.jpg       imp-vss-16-square-window.jpg        imp-vss-20-square-window.jpg

12 Window                                      16 Window                                       20 Window

Arch Top for Vertical Slat Panel

imp-vsa-plain-arched-window.jpg       imp-vsa-6-arched-window.jpg        imp-vsa-8-arched-window.jpg

Plain Window Arch                        6 Window Arch                                8 Window Arch 

imp-vsa-12-arched-window.jpg       imp-vsa-16-arched-window.jpg        imp-vsa-20-arched-window.jpg

12 Window Arch                             16 Window Arch                             20 Window Arch

For Raised Panel

imp-vertical-raised-panel-window.jpg       imp-vertical-raised-panel-window-1.jpg

Horizontal Raised                          Vertical Raised



glass-clear.png    glass-obscure.png    glass-satin.png

Clear Glass               Obscure Glass          Satin Glass



courtyard-premium-hardware.jpg     courtyard-value-hardware.jpg

Premium Hardware                                                                 Value Hardware