Door Report Remote

Never wonder again if the garage door closed. When the door is down, it will emit a beep & flash a green light. When it's not closed, a warning tone sounds & a red light flashes. Works with up to 3 garage doors via a Network Adapter (sold separately.) Compatible with Odyssey and Destiny openers.  


Wireless Keypad

Available in 4 colors with larger buttons that illuminate for better visibility. Includes 9v battery and has an indicator light for when the battery gets low. Stays programmed during battery changes. Weather resistant plastic with UV additive to protect against fading. 


Advanced Wall Console

Compatible with Odyssey & Destiny operators via Network Adapter (sold separately.) Easy to use LED touch screen allows you to set up annual maintenance reminders. Monitors door performance by saving the last 10 cycles for troubleshooting. Sure-Lock feature can lock out the use of remotes or keypads while you're away for additional security.


Master Remote

Compatible with all Overhead Door brand operators manufactured from 1993 to present. For use with up to 3 operators via Network Adapter (sold separately.) Auto seek dual frequency of 315 / 390 MHz. Works with CodeDodger 1 and 2 technology. Also compatible with Overhead Door gated community receivers and 9/12 units.


Battery Back Up

No need for additional outlets. Unit is charged & powered by the operator. 8 AMP battery fully charges in 48 hours. Moves the garage door at a rate of 3.5" per second for up to 50 cycles in a 24 hour period once fully charged. Compatible with Odyssey & Destiny*

*Models made before 2012 require parts replacement (sold separately) to accommodate unit.


Conversion Kit

Compatible with any garage door operator. Diminishes frequency issues when living near military bases. Allows operator to receive both 315 or 390 frequencies. Gives any operator added security with CodeDodger rolling code technology. With every press of the remote control it selects a new code from billions of possibilities. 


3 Button Remote (O3T)

Allows remote access for up to 3 garage doors. Works with CodeDodger technology and has built in CodeDodger 2 encryption. Auto seek dual frequency of 315 or 390MHz to avoid interference. Compatible with all Overhead Door operators from 1995 to present.


OHD Anywhere

Allows you to control & monitor your garage door via most iOS & Android phones. Compatible with most residential openers. UL325 compliant with audio & visual signals before door moves. Control module can run up to 3 doors with purchase of additional door position sensors. (Comes standard with one.) Easy to install and set up.