Modern Aluminum Collection

Contemporary Elegance

Stand out from the rest of the neighborhood with clean lines and maximum light infiltration provided by the aluminum framed windows. This garage door has over one hundred powder coat colors to choose from and several types of glass to complement any homes exterior. 


Door Design Options

Model 511 features a narrow frame with special options for doors up to 16' wide

Model 521 features a wider heavy duty frame with special options for doors up to 20' wide. It also has a joint seal between sections to assist in thermal efficiency and can be fitted to meet wind load building requirements.

aluminum-garage-door-design-511-7ft.jpg       aluminum-garage-door-design-511-8ft.jpg       aluminum-garage-door-design-521-7ft.jpg      aluminum-garage-door-design-521-8ft.jpg

511 - 7ft                                511 - 8ft                                521 - 7ft                                521 - 8ft

Color Options


Window Options

glass-clear.png          glass-obscure.png          glass-satin.png

Clear Glass                           Obscure Glass                      Satin Glass


Specialty Glass:

  • Laminated White - Privacy
  • Low E Glass* - Thermal Efficiency
  • Tempered Glass - Enhanced Safety
  • Tinted Glass* - Green, Gray, or Bronze


Glass Alternatives:

  • Clear Lexan Polycarbonate* - Shatter Resistant
  • Multi Wall Polycarbonate - Superior Strength, UV Protection, Available in Clear, White, or Bronze
  • Plexiglas Acrylic* - Shatter Resistant