Easy Maintenance

Vinyl clad garage doors are dent and rust resistant. Steel, polyurethane, and vinyl are bonded together to provide strength, sound absorption, and energy efficiency. The color goes all the way through the vinyl skin making scratches less visible and easy to maintain. 


Door Designs

***All models have an 11.75 R-Value

durafirm-garage-door-design-870-7ft.jpg     durafirm-garage-door-design-870-8ft.jpg     durafirm-garage-door-design-872-7ft.jpg    durafirm-garage-door-design-872-8ft.jpg

870 - 7ft                                870 - 8ft                               872 - 7ft                              872 - 8ft


durafirm-glacier-white.jpg      durafirm-capecod-gray.jpg      durafirm-monterey-sand.jpg      durafirm-adobe-cream.jpg

Glacier White                      Cape Cod Gray                   Monterey Sand                   Adobe Cream

Window Options

durafirm-clear-windows.jpg      durafirm-cathedral1-windows.jpg      durafirm-ruston1-windows.jpg

Clear                                                   Cathedral 1                                        Ruston 1

durafirm-stockton-windows.jpg       durafirm-williamsburg-windows.jpg       

Stockton 1                                         Williamsburg

durafirm-8pc-williamsburg-windows.jpg               glass-clear.png

Williamsburg 1 (8pc)                                                                                    Clear Glass

durafirm-4pc-williamsburg-windows.jpg               glass-obscure.png

Williamsburg 1 (4pc)                                                                                    Obscure Glass