Thermacore Collection



Premium Insulated Garage Doors

thermacore-garage-door-standard.jpg  thermacore-garage-door-long.jpg  thermacore-garage-door-flush.jpg  thermacore-garage-door-v5.jpg  thermacore-garage-door-v10.jpg

Standard                   Long Panel               Flush Panel             V5 Panel                   V10 Panel

9.31 R-Value 297 295 298 296  
12.76 R-Value 194* 198* 195 199* 192*
17.5 R-Value 494 496 495 497  

*Wood grain finish available on these models

color-white.jpg color-almond.jpg color-desert-tan.jpg color-sandstone.jpg color-terra-bronze.jpg color-brown.jpg

White                  Almond              Desert Tan          Sandstone         Terra Bronze*    Brown**

color-hunter-green.jpg color-black.jpg color-gray.jpg    wg-golden-oak.jpg wg-mission-oak.jpg wg-walnut.jpg

Hunter Green*     Black**                Gray*                     Golden Oak    Mission Oak     Walnut

*These colors are only available on the 190 series

**These colors are only available on the 190 and 490 series

Glass & Hardware Options

Decorative trim windows come standard with double strength glass

glass-clear.png   glass-obscure.png 

Clear Glass        Obscure Glass


Decorative Window Trim Options

Window Styles - Standard, Flush, and V5


Window Styles - Long, Flush, V5, and V10

  therm-clear-long-window.jpg  therm-ashton2-window.jpg  therm-cathedral2-window.jpg 

  Clear Long                                        Ashton 2                                          Cathedral 2

  therm-cascade2-window.jpg  therm-prairie2-window.jpg  therm-ruston2-window.jpg 

  Cascade 2                                        Prairie 2                                           Ruston 2

  therm-sherwood2-window.jpg  therm-somerton2-window.jpg  therm-stockbridge2-3lite-window.jpg 

  Sherwood 2                                      Somerton 2                                       Stockbridge 2 (3-Lite)

  therm-stockbridge2-4lite-window.jpg  therm-stockford2-window.jpg  therm-stockton2-4lite-window.jpg

  Stockbridge 2 (4-Lite)                        Stockford 2                                       Stockton 2 (4-Lite)

  therm-stockton2-6lite-window.jpg  therm-stockton2-8lite-window.jpg  therm-stockton2-8lite-arch-window.jpg

  Stockton 2 (6-Lite)                             Stockton 2 (8-Lite)                             Stockton 2 (8-Lite Arch)

  therm-stockton2-12lite-window.jpg  therm-waterton2-window.jpg  therm-williamsburg2-window.jpg 

  Stockton 2 (12-Lite)                           Waterton 2                                        Williamsburg 2

  therm-wyndbridge2-window.jpg  therm-williamsburg2-4pc-window.jpg

  Wyndbridge                                      Williamsburg 2 (4 pc)

Window Styles - 194 and 195 only

  therm-stockbridge-carriagestyle-window.jpg  therm-stockton-carriagestyle-window.jpg  therm-stocktonarch-carriagestyle-window.jpg 

  Stockbridge                                      Stockton                                          Stockton Arch


  Wyndbridge Arch

Optional Window Placement

Any model in the 190 and 490 series can have windows placed vertically or horizontally to cover up to 50%, or two rows, of the garage door. If placed in the bottom section, the glass must be 1/8" DSB, tempered, or 1/2" insulated glass.

window-layout-vertical.jpg window-layout-horizontal.jpg

Vertical Window Column                                          Double Row of Windows